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The Lord’s Will Behind The Resurrection of Lazarus

By Shenwei

  Each of our brothers and sisters who believes in the Lord Jesus knows that the Lord Jesus did the work of redeeming humanity in the Age of Grace. He not only bestowed compassion and tolerance upon us, teaching us to be tolerant and patient and to repent and confess, but also manifested many miracles, such as, letting the blind see and the lame walk, healing the lepers, feeding five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish, raising Lazarus to life, and so on. None of these miracles doesn’t show forth the authority of God. But when I read chapter 11, verses 43-44 of the Gospel of John, “And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus said to them, Loose him, and let him go.” After reading this passage of scripture, I thought that at that time Lazarus had already been dead for four days, and maybe his body had started to smell, but just one word from the Lord Jesus raised him from the dead. What are the intentions of God behind this matter? This question puzzled me for a long time. It was not until once I read some words in a book that the doubt in my heart was resolved. Continue reading


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Christian Movie | God Set Me Free From Sin | “It’s Wonderful to Cast off the Shackles of Status”

After Liang Zhi believed in God, he consistently sought with enthusiasm, and threw himself into fulfilling his duties. After a number of years, he was elected as a church leader. During the time that he performed his duties as a church leader, he realized that some of the brothers and sisters were more competent than he, which made him unhappy to the extent that he was jealous of them. In order to save face and protect his status, he secretly competed with them to see who was better, and he scrambled for fame and status. Fame and status seemed like invisible shackles binding him tightly, tying him down, leading him to do things in violation of the truth and rebelling against God. Because the carrying out of his duties was only for the sake of fame and status, and not in pursuit of the truth, the result was that he lost the work of the Holy Spirit. He could not do practical work, and was removed from his leadership duties and replaced. He suffered acutely as a result, and came before God to reflect on himself. After undergoing the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, he came to realize that pursuit of fame and status was entirely brought about by his satanic disposition of arrogance and conceit, and worshiping power and influence and status. He grasped that the essence of seeking fame and status was following the path of the antichrist. If he did not repent and mend his ways throughout, the final outcome was that he was destined to sink into oblivion. At the same time he saw clearly that faith in God required walking on the road of pursuit of the truth and carrying out his duties with devotion. After that, in fulfilling his duties he attached importance to pursuit of the truth and practicing the truth. Whenever the corrupt disposition of scrambling for fame and status slipped out, he then prayed to God seeking the truth and, accepting the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, according to the word of God he practiced forsaking the flesh, and set in order his intention to fulfill his own duty. Regardless of whether or not he had status, he was able most steadfastly to carry out his duties. Gradually he threw off the shackles of status that bound him and he no longer pursued fame and status, having walked on to the correct path of human life of seeking the truth and receiving salvation.


How to Repent to God to Be After His Heart: Gaining Inspiration From the Story of King David

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2019 Praise Hymn | “Great Are the Gains From Belief in the Practical God” | Thank God for His Love

2019 Christian Praise Song | “Great Are the Gains From Belief in the Practical God” | Thank God for His Love

The Son of man continues to speak.
This meager man leads us in God’s work through each step.
We’ve gone through many trials and chastenings,
and we have also been tested with death.
We learn of God’s righteousness and majesty.
We enjoy God’s compassion and His love.
We appreciate His wisdom and His power,
see He’s lovely and eager to save man.
In the words of this ordinary person,
we learn God’s substance, will, disposition.
We also learn man’s nature and substance,
and see the path of salvation, perfection. Continue reading

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She Finally Quit a Game Addiction That Had Been Ruining Her For 23 Years

By Yi Xin, Malaysia

  Once she got home after work, Yi Xin fell exhausted to the couch. She thought about how she had once again been unable to keep herself from playing games that day at work and had been scolded and given a warning by her boss. She felt so depressed. For 23 years, Yi Xin had been so addicted to online gaming that she could no longer tell fact from fiction. The characters she played in her games did not eat and did not sleep, nor did they need to study or work, and so when she played these games she did not eat or sleep either, and she came to hate both study and work. Living such an irregular life over a long period had caused her to have frequent health complications. The online games afflicted her with mental and physical exhaustion. She so wanted to quit them, but how could she rid herself of them? She rubbed her temples and frowned deeply. Continue reading

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Western Scholars vs CCP Representatives at the UN in Geneva About The Church of Almighty God

On March 1, 2018, during the 37th session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, the Coordination of the Associations and Individuals for Freedom of Conscience (CAP LC) organized a Side Event on the denial of religious freedom in China and the case of The Church of Almighty God (CAG). A panel of international scholars and human rights and freedom of religion experts discussed the dramatic situation of the members of The Church of Almighty God both in China, where they are severely persecuted, and in South Korea and Europe, where their requests for asylum are often denied. During the event, there was a debate between the western scholars and CCP representatives of the Chinese delegation…

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God’s Utterance “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I” (Part Four)

God’s words in this video are from The Word Appears in the Flesh.
The content of this video:
3. God Makes the Rainbow as a Symbol of His Covenant With Man

Almighty God says, “Even though God made a covenant with mankind using the rainbow, He never told anyone why He did this, why He established this covenant, meaning He never told anybody His real thoughts. This is because there is no one who can comprehend the depth of the love God has for the mankind He created with His own hands, and there is also no one who can appreciate just how much pain His heart suffered when He destroyed humanity. Therefore, even if He tells people how He feels, they cannot undertake this trust. Despite being in pain, He still goes on with the next step of His work. God always gives His best side and the best things to mankind while quietly bearing all the suffering Himself. God never openly discloses these sufferings. Instead, He endures them and waits in silence. God’s endurance is not cold, numb, or helpless, nor is it a sign of weakness. It is that God’s love and essence has always been selfless. This is a natural revelation of His essence and disposition, and a genuine embodiment of God’s identity as the true Creator.”

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What Does Praying Without Ceasing Refer to? Why Should We Pray Without Ceasing?

By Li Chen

Editor’s Note:

  Many people are confused about praying without ceasing and see it as a difficult thing to accomplish. In fact, as long as we understand the true meaning of it, we will think of it as a part of our spiritual life which is of great benefit to our life progression. So what does praying without ceasing refer to? Why should we pray without ceasing? Read the following article and you will find the answer.

1. What does praying without ceasing refer to?

  Regarding the apostle Paul’s words “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), many people interpret them as constantly speaking to God and consider it a very difficult thing to accomplish. In fact, praying without ceasing is not some sort of outward ritual. Instead, it refers to us Christians honoring God as great, relying on and looking to God, communicating with God in our spirits and living before God at all times. Praying without ceasing does not hold to a certain format, nor is it limited to a fixed time or place. Regardless of whether we are free or busy, strong or weak, whether our environment is comfortable or harsh, whether we have difficulties or not, or whether we have made transgressions or not, we can pray to God and communicate with Him. Even when our hands are busy doing something, we can still pray to God in our hearts. Whether we are sitting on the bus, working, or preaching, we can always pray to God, draw close to Him with heart, and quiet our hearts before the Lord. In short, we can practice praying at any time and any place. Continue reading