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World Anecdote: China’s Court Publicly Tried Psychopaths

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by Chen Zhen

(from China)

On August 21st 2014, “Shandong Zhaoyuan Cult-related Intentional Homicide” was publicly tried by Yantai City Intermediate People’s Court. The defendants Zhang Fan, Zhang Lidong, Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Hang, and Zhang Qiaolian appeared in court. Like many others, I paid great attention to the public trial on these thugs and expected severe punishment on them. After watching the court hearing, I couldn’t help crying out: These guys are actually psychopaths! China’s court can publicly try a group of psychopaths. Won’t it make people laugh their heads off? So many so-called “master-hands” at handling cases, “judges,” and “experts” can’t tell the difference between psychopaths and normal people and even carry out such a high-profile, solemn, and serious public trial. It will surely add a brushstroke which is “thick and heavy in colors” on the history of China’s judicature and will surely be a laughingstock of the whole world.

Let’s look at the court hearing. Lyu Yingchun said, “I know Almighty God. … From childhood I knew that I am God Godself. … I firmly believed that I am a firstborn son.” “I found that I am God Godself. … Except for Zhang Lidong, Zhang Hang, and Zhang Duo who truly believe in ‘Almighty God,’ others are all cheaters. … If someone gives us his phone number … he will get a chance of being saved.” “Zhang Fan and I are the only true spokesman of ‘Almighty God.’ The government cracks down on Zhao Weishan’s ‘Almighty God,’ instead of our ‘Almighty God.’ Theirs is the false ‘Almighty God,’ while ours is the true ‘Almighty God.’” Zhang Fan said, “In the organization of Almighty God, Lyu Yingchun and I hold the highest position. We’re both ‘God Godself.’ My father, my sister, my brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are all ‘chief priests.’ Now I think that only my father, my brother, my sister, Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Qiaolian, and I are true believers in ‘Almighty God.’” “In 2010, I was a firstborn son of ‘Almighty God.’ This May, I received the ‘authority’ from heaven to kill evil spirits and became ‘God Godself.’” “I’m sure I am ‘God Godself,’ that is, one of the ‘two witnesses.’ … I even more ascertain that Lyu Yingchun and I are ‘God Godself.’” Zhang Lidong said, “About seven years ago, I began to believe in ‘Almighty God’ through my daughter Zhang Fan’s introduction. I am ‘God’s lamb’ and a ‘believer’ in the church, and the ‘shepherd’ leads me to listen to God’s word. Zhang Fan is my ‘shepherd.’ Lyu Yingchun is also a ‘shepherd’ and a ‘firstborn son.’” Wow! Look at these incoherent words. One moment they say they are God and the next they say they are firstborn sons, and then they are two Gods. In any case, only the several of them are believers in ‘Almighty God.’ Some are Gods, some are firstborn sons, some are priests, and some are followers. It reminded me of the game I played as a child: A group of young children play house. Someone acts as Heavenly Emperor, someone acts as Heavenly Queen, and someone acts as a fairy maiden…. Now we see that in the court, a group of adults are staging a farce like the game we played in childhood. It is really both funny and annoying! The sensible ones can easily find that these are psychopaths and paranoia patients. However, China’s court publicly try them with seeming seriousness. It is actually fooling the public!

When looking up the related materials, I found that it is defined like this in medical science: Paranoia, also known as delusional disorder, is a psychiatric diagnosis. It means “having one or more non-bizarre delusions, without any other psychiatric symptoms.” For the concept of paranoia, the term “monomania” is ever used. Its symptoms are: The patient expresses an idea or a thought strongly and permanently; the thought excessively affects his daily life, and his life style is often distorted to an unintelligible extent; the most essential point is that no matter how less these strange things are likely to happen, the patient accepts all of them without any doubt, and any attempt to deny these thoughts will arouse the patient’s extreme emotional reactions, often with anger, hostility, and so on. Checking against these symptoms, we can easily find that Zhang Lidong and others are infected with paranoia. Now the top priority of the judicial department is to identify these psychopaths’ criminal responsibility as soon as possible and then investigate their criminal responsibility according to the identification results. However, China’s judicial department didn’t do so. Instead, the CCP government lost no time to give a “killing order” to crack down on the Church of Almighty God after the incident. From this, we can see that the CCP government is as absurd and ridiculous as these psychopaths. During dozens of years when the CCP is in power, we see that the CCP is always so absurd and unreasonable and fools the people. For example, during the “Great Leap Forward,” it put forward “surpassing the UK and catching up with the US in three years,” so that the common people took out all their iron pots and ironware to make the iron and steel; in the “Cultural Revolution,” it mobilized the Red Guards to safeguard Mao Zedong, giving rise to overall franticness and ten years of catastrophe; in the Reform and Opening period, it put forward that “whether black or white, the one which catches mice is a good cat,” so that almost everyone went into business. Through all these facts, the whole world see that under the CCP’s rule, people all over the country often become frenzied together. Today the CCP stages a farce of publicly trying psychopaths, and thus calls on people all over the country to stand against and hate the Church of Almighty God and creates an atmosphere of “everyone rising up to attack” the Church of Almighty God, attempting to make all people become frenzied with it.

Some psychopaths kill a person and they claim themselves “Almighty God.” Can it show that there is something wrong with the Church of Almighty God? Actually, we often see or hear that psychopaths kill people. Among them, there are communists. I also saw with my own eyes that several psychopaths in the nude chased others and beat them while singing “The East Is Red” loudly or shouting quotations of Mao Zedong. According to the CCP’s reasoning, should we severely fight the CCP and call on all the people to hate it? Some psychopaths say that they are Heavenly Emperor after killing others. Should the CCP send someone to heaven and fight Heavenly Emperor? Some are possessed by the evil spirits and say that they are Mao Zedong reincarnate, Zhu De reincarnate, or Zhou Enlai reincarnate. Should the CCP enshrine them as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, or Zhou Enlai? We often hear some folklores. Someone is possessed by an evil spirit, saying that he is Bodhisattva Guan Yin; someone is possessed by an evil spirit, saying that he is Guan Gong or Yue Fei, and he hits and curses people everywhere. Such things are common among the people. But no one will catch them and send them to the public security organs, have them publicly tried in court, and hold them accountable, because all the common people know that these are psychopaths and lunatics and their words don’t count. Such kind of people should be sent to the mental hospital for treatment. However, the CCP’s court publicly tries a group of psychopaths as criminals and makes a fuss over it to slander and frame the Church of Almighty God. Won’t it make people laugh their heads off? No government of the past put psychopaths on trial and no psychopaths who hit or harm others were sent to the government for trial. No country or ruling party tries psychopaths or takes their words seriously. In the Western countries, if a psychopath who speaks incoherently commits crimes, he will first be sent to see a psychologist and have a medical appraisal from a psychiatrist, and the court won’t handle it directly. Why can China ruled by the Communist Party set such a precedent and publicly try psychopaths? Why can China’s court be serious with psychopaths? There is only one explanation: The CCP is also a group of psychopaths and is the reincarnation of real demons. When the CCP is frenzied to the extreme, it will welcome its destruction. This exactly fulfills a famous Western saying, “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.”

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The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.


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