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Shocking the World: the CCP “Publicly Tried” a Gang of Psychopaths

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by Liu Liang

(from China)

In recent years, strange things occur constantly in Mainland China, such as “senior officials’ adultery,” “stars taking drugs,” “buses catching fire,” “hacking attack at the railway station,” and so on. The country ruled by the CCP is simply in a muddle. On August 21, the gate of Yantai Intermediate People’s Court in Shandong Province was heavily guarded. The special police on duty carried loaded guns and it seemed as if they were confronted by a formidable enemy. Actually, it was the public trial of “the Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.” A funny and ironic farce of “Lunatic Asylum” was formally put on.

We knew nothing before the trial but we were shocked after the trial. Actually, Zhang Lidong and others are a gang of psychopaths.

The criminal Lyu Yingchun described in the court hearing, “Zhang Hang asked that woman for the phone number, but she didn’t give it to her. At that time, I realized that actually a ‘wicked spirit’ had been attacking us and sucking our chi, making us feel weak and feeble. We both recognized that she was the ‘wicked spirit,’ so we cursed her with words. She not only didn’t listen to us, but on the contrary she attacked us more violently. We saw the chi in her move around her back and belly circle by circle and her belly become swollen. Our spirits felt that her suction and attack were getting stronger, and I felt increasingly weak.” Normal people don’t say they are attacked by a ‘wicked spirit,’ and only the severe psychopaths have this hallucination.

She also said, “I knew Almighty God in December 1998. From childhood I knew that I am God Godself.” One moment she said she believed in Almighty God, another moment she said she is God, and she also said she knew from her childhood that she is God Godself. Her words are contradictory and she is mentally deranged.

The criminal Zhang Fan said, “We both found God’s will. My mother is an ‘evil spirit’ and the ‘king of wicked spirits.’ She practices the working of ‘evil spirit’ on us. If I meet her, I’ll kill her. When knowing that she is an ‘evil spirit,’ I was very angry and wished that she would be smashed to pieces. Heaven will punish her according to my curse. I’ll expose her to her face but won’t oppose her by force.” She said, “If I meet her, I’ll kill her” but later she said, “I won’t oppose her by force.” Her words are incoherent and contradictory. And she is immoral and malicious-hearted.

She also said, “On the second day, I asked my father to bring his former lover Zhang Qiaolian home so that they could live together. I felt they were real couple. Lyu Yingchun gave new spiritual names to them. My father was named Adam and Zhang Qiaolian was named Eve.” Driving out her mother and finding a mistress for her father, she is completely insane!

She also said, “In the organization of Almighty God, Lyu Yingchun and I hold the highest position. We’re both ‘God Godself.’ My father, my sister, my brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are all ‘chief priests.’ Now I think that only my father, my brother, my sister, Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Qiaolian, and I are true believers in ‘Almighty God.’ In 2010, I was a ‘firstborn son’ of Almighty God. This May, I received the ‘authority’ from Heaven to kill evil spirits and became ‘God Godself.’ ‘God Godself’ means that my essence is God. The essence of Lyu Yingchun is also God. The relationship between she and I is that two bodies share one spirit. We are doppelgangers to each other.” We don’t have any idea what she is babbling about. Two bodies share one spirit, which is really too absurd!

She said, “I once felt that I was God when I was ten years old.” She is a pure psychopath.

She also said that she saw an abnormal chi moving in the victim and felt that a supernatural power was attacking them, so she firmly believed that the victim was a demon and a wicked spirit. Isn’t she mentally deranged and insane?

The criminal Zhang Lidong described, “Lyu Yingchun suddenly felt comfortable, so she asked, ‘where’s Louis (a dog’s name)?’ I thought it was the dog that was exercising evil influence. Zhang Fan found Louis under the tea table beside the sofa. She lifted the dog’s tail and walked out and then she threw the dog to the corridor outside the door. Immediately, Louis was unable to run and crawled on the floor. Zhang Fan picked up a mop and hit the dog. The mop was broken from beating. After a while, the dog was motionless. But Zhang Fan said, ‘Its tail still wags.’ So I went up and kicked its head. After I kicked it for a while, it bled a lot. I thought it was dead, so I lifted its tail and threw it into the trash can outside the building.” What a gang of psychopaths! Zhang Lidong actually killed a dog cruelly to satisfy his “God.” This is too abnormal!

He said, “Devil, evil spirit, go to the bottomless pit! Go to hell!” It is clear that Zhang Lidong has suffered from nervous breakdown and mental disorder!

He also said, “A few days before the murder at the McDonald’s, Zhang Fan and Lyu Yingchun said many times that they would leave the earth (the original person of God would return to Heaven). They told us to boldly give our phone numbers to those who we have feelings about. After they leave the earth, we’ll lead these people to receive the guidance of God’s spirit.” This is a group of psychopaths losing their sanity. Who will believe their nonsense?

From these people’s statements it can be seen that their words are incoherent, illogical, and preposterous. They are sheer nonsense from the psychopaths. Can we believe the psychopaths’ contradictory nonsense? If we do, aren’t we as insane as them? There are many insane people on the streets. If we meet one and he says that he is a President or a provincial governor, will we believe him and treat him as the President or the provincial governor? The psychopaths can say any word. One moment they say they are Heavenly Emperor, one moment Kuan Kung, and another moment Kwan-yin. It is completely uncertain. We can only laugh it off after hearing it. Can the psychopaths’ words act as the sworn testimonies? If the court believes these psychopaths’ words, doesn’t the court become a lunatic asylum? Aren’t the judge and the jurors all insane? The CCP makes a big issue over this group of lunatics’ words and directed such a farce. It is really crazier than the psychopaths. The CCP is indeed “evil” and ridiculous enough!

The CCP actually tried the psychopaths publicly. Why did it do this? The reason is very simple. Almighty God’s gospel has been spread to all nations and places. The foreign news media and websites have published and uploaded Almighty God’s word and the articles and videos of the Christians being persecuted by the CCP for believing in Almighty God. The big news “Almighty God is the returned Jesus” exposes universally. At the same time, it completely exposes the proof of the CCP’s resisting the true God and persecuting Christians. Do you think the CCP won’t be exasperated? It is just the time when the CCP is faced with domestic and foreign troubles and its regime is in great peril. In order to safeguard its power, the CCP even racks its brains to try a group of psychopaths publicly and use these psychopaths to defame the Church of Almighty God. Obviously, it has been driven to desperation. This exactly fulfills a famous western saying, “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.” The end of the CCP has come!


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