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McDonald’s murder |Shocking the World: The Inside Story of the CCP’s High-Profile Public Trial for the Psychopaths

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The following is the record of the criminals’ words. Lyu Yingchun said, “I knew Almighty God in December 1998. From childhood I knew that I am God Godself. When I read the ‘firstborn sons’ in the book of Almighty God in 1998, I firmly believed that I am a firstborn son.”

One moment Lyu Yingchun said that she is God, and the next she firmly believed that she is a firstborn son. That is to say, in Lyu Yingchun’s thought, she has three multiple personalities. Isn’t it the symptom of schizophrenia?

Zhang fan said, “In 2010, I was a ‘firstborn son’ of Almighty God. This May, I received the ‘authority’ from Heaven to kill evil spirits and became ‘God Godself.’ ‘God Godself’ means that my essence is God. The essence of Lyu Yingchun is also God. The relationship between her and me is that two bodies share one spirit. We are doppelgangers to each other.”

Zhang fan spoke incoherently. She first claimed to be a believer in the Church of Almighty God and then a firstborn son. In the end, she became “God Godself.” It is really ludicrous!

Zhang fan also said, “Lyu Yingchun gave new spiritual names to them. My father was named Adam and Zhang Qiaolian was named Eve.”

Is this the normal thinking of an adult? It is just like a group of young children playing house. Their minds are full of absurd ideas, which are simply incomprehensible.

In court, the criminals’ incoherent and unrestrained statements and their abnormal behaviors such as killing someone inhumanly and cruelly and being indifferent after killing are enough to prove that this gang of murderers have no sense and thinking of normal people at all. Anyone with a little normal thinking can discern them: This gang of thugs are out-and-out psychopaths!

At this moment, I suddenly realize that the truth of the “5/28 Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” has finally been revealed. The scene of the “man in green” at the site of the “Zhaoyuan Murder” flashes in my mind quickly, which was shot by a witness accidentally. There was a man in green moving around on the site freely in the video. Anyone with a little legal knowledge knows: The site needs to be protected and miscellaneous personnel are not allowed to move around freely; except for first-aid personnel, only cops can stay there. Nevertheless, this man in green was there from the beginning until the cops’ arrival. Isn’t he an undercover cop? I can’t help crying out: The evil backstage manipulator of the “Zhaoyuan Murder” is the CCP! My blood freezes, and I can’t refrain from asking: Why does the CCP use these psychopaths to create this astounding incident? If we think it over, it is actually not difficult for us to understand that the CCP is using the psychopaths to create a murder and thus frame the Church of Almighty God! This is because only psychopaths are easy to be used. They do not have normal thinking and sense, and are easily stimulated under the influence of the external factors. If their illness breaks out suddenly, they can do anything. With sound sense and normal humanity, who wants to do such a thing that is offensive to God and reason and in violation of the law? It’s so “brilliant” for the CCP to use the psychopaths to do the killing. Unfortunately, the victim surnamed Wu in the “Zhaoyuan Murder” becomes a sacrifice under the CCP’s talons. Similarly, the criminals Zhang Lidong and others become scapegoats for the CCP. It is obvious that in order to suppress and crack down on the Church of Almighty God, the CCP has deliberately planned over a long period of time!

The CCP has proved itself to be a ruthless killer! This March, to scramble for power, the high officials in the CCP created “the hacking attack at Kunming Railway Station.” A gang of armed police disguised as thugs burst into Kunming Railway Station with knives to hack and kill people willfully. 29 people were killed and 143 were injured. Later, the CCP fabricated the charge against “Xinjiang Separatist Forces.” As a result, those innocent people who were killed and injured became the victims of the CCP seizing power. Additionally, those innocent Xinjiang people became the scapegoats of this incident, and those armed police who disguised themselves as thugs and then were killed or arrested also became the victims under the CCP’s talons. It can be seen that the Chinese living under the dark ruling of the CCP are insecure at all. Those dead ones violently slaughtered by the CCP had never dreamed that they would be killed at the railway station or would die under the violence of the CCP when having meals in the restaurant…. The CCP’s bloody history of treating human life as straw and safeguarding its dictatorial rule by violence is nothing new, such as the famous “Cultural Revolution,” “Great Purge,” and “June Fourth Incident”…. Countless Chinese became the victims of the CCP devils safeguarding its dictatorial rule! Thinking of that, I can’t help sighing: Under the CCP’s talons, people will become its victims at any time no matter what social class they belong to. Then, under its dark ruling, who will be the next victim?

After the “Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” occurred, the CCP has been frenziedly arresting the Christians in the Church of Almighty God and suppressing the house churches. News of arresting Christians overspreads. For example, hundreds of policemen in Zhejiang forcibly dismantled the cross, wounded many people, and arrested thousands of Christians in the Church of Almighty God. … Even though the CCP tries to hide itself with various actions, its wild ambition of “excluding dissidents” for dictatorial rule is still exposed. Three months later, the truth of the “Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” came to light. The CCP gave itself away in the public trial. It used the psychopaths to kill people and then fabricated the charge against the Church of Almighty God. This is the inside story of “the Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province,” which has really shocked the world!

[Almighty God] [Eastern Lightning] [The Church of Almighty God]

The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus the end-time Christ, Almighty God in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading Gods expression, you will see that God has appeared.


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