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Mcdonald’s Killing |The CCP High-profile Trial on a Group of Psychopaths Shocks the World

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by Wang Xiaoping

(from China)

On August 21st 2014, Yantai City Intermediate People’s Court publicly tried the five suspects

for the “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Murder.” During the public hearing, these suspects’ statements are incoherent and disjointed, totally without the sense of a normal man. After hearing them, the public can easily know that such a murder is actually an extreme behavior of a group of psychopaths when their mind went wrong and hallucinated! However, the CCP’s law enforcement officials are completely unaware of it and pretentiously stage a farce of “senior law enforcement officials” publicly trying a group of “psychopaths.” This is undoubtedly an “unparalleled wonder” created by the CCP.

Let’s look at the extraordinary and classical statements of these criminals who were tried by the CCP senior law enforcement officials.

Lyu Yingchun said, “I knew Almighty God in December 1998. From childhood, I knew that I’m God Godself. …” One moment she said that she knew Almighty God, and the next she said she knew that she’s Almighty God from childhood. Aren’t her words disjointed and self-contradictory?

She also said, “Actually a ‘wicked spirit’ had been attacking us and sucking our chi, making us feel weak and feeble. We (Zhang Fan and I) both recognized that she (the victim) was the “wicked spirit,” so we cursed her with words. She not only didn’t listen to us, but on the contrary she attacked us more violently. We saw the chi in her move around her back and belly circle by circle and her belly become swollen. Our spirits felt that her suction and attack were getting stronger, and I felt increasingly weak. During the fight, I saw that Zhang Fan was falling little by little, and it seemed that the “wicked spirit” was pulling her down. …” These are purely a lunatic’s nonsense. However, the CCP’s judges listen to them infatuatedly! It’s really incredible.

Then, she said, “When the ‘demon’ (the victim) was attacking us, Zhang Fan and I gradually realized that the woman must die; otherwise, the ‘demon’ would devour all the people. …” Listen! Isn’t she crazy?

And she continued, “The government cracks down on Zhao Weishan’s ‘Almighty God’ instead of our ‘Almighty God.’ Theirs is the false ‘Almighty God,’ while ours is the true ‘Almighty God.’”

Insane friends, I, the CCP, regretted cooperating with you. How could you make things worse at the crucial moment? How come you fully exposed me? Won’t my plan to frame and discredit the Church of Almighty God fall through?

Zhang Fan stated, “My mother is an ‘evil spirit’ and the ‘king of wicked spirits.’ She practices the working of the ‘evil spirit’ on us. If I meet her, I’ll kill her. … I’ll expose her to her face but won’t oppose her by force.” She has really gone crazy! She even can’t recognize her mother!

She also said, “On the second day, I asked my father to bring his former lover Zhang Qiaolian home so that they could live together. I felt they were real couple. Lyu Yingchun gave new spiritual names to them. My father was named Adam, and Zhang Qiaolian was named Eve.” You see, she kicked her mother away and got a lover for her father. She is really out of mind!

Let’s see these words. She said, “This May, I received the ‘authority’ from heaven to kill evil spirits and became ‘God Godself.’ ‘God Godself’ means that my essence is God. The essence of Lyu Yingchun is also God. The relationship between she and I is that our two bodies share one spirit.

We are each other’s doppleganger.” It’s really absurd! Even two Gods have appeared!

She added, “In the organization of Almighty God, Lyu Yingchun and I hold the highest position. We’re both ‘God Godself.’ My father, my sister, my brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are all ‘chief priests.’ Now I think that only my father, my brother, my sister, Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Qiaolian, and I are true believers in ‘Almighty God.’” Aren’t these nonsense? It is really laughable!

The following is a wonderful conversation between Zhang Fan and the judge.

The judge: Lvu Yingchun told you that one of the customers was attacking you. How were you attacked?

Zhang Fan: A wicked spirit.

The judge: By a wicked spirit.

Zhang Fan: A supernatural power.

The Judge: Then you also saw wind beneath her clothes.

Zhang Fan: I saw an unusual phenomenon. At that time, the woman was also looking at us. Then, I said that she was a demon and we quarreled.

The Prosecutor: At that time, you said that she was a demon. Could she hear that?

Zhang Fan: Yes, she could. So we quarreled.

The prosecutor: You said to her face that she was a demon? So you quarreled?

Zhang Fan: Right.

Their questions and answers are so amazing! These are absolutely excellent words! The CCP’s “high-IQ” law enforcement officials communicate with those negative-IQ lunatics and psychopaths so well. It has really feasted the eyes of the public and made them laugh their heads off. Does it show that the CCP law enforcement officials are actually psychopaths? Or do they become lunatic because of being affected by the insane Zhang Fan? The CCP really creates a miracle.

Let’s see Zhang Lidong’s words. He said, “Zhang Fan and Lyu Yingchun said many times that they would leave the earth (the original person of God would return to Heaven). They told us to boldly give our phone numbers to those who we have feelings about. After they leave the earth, we’ll lead these people to receive the guidance of God’s spirit.” They even want to leave the earth and go to Heaven. Psychopaths’ thoughts are really different from those of normal people. It’s too funny!

He also said, “…my daughter Zhang Fan, the original person of God, said that the woman was ‘an evil spirit and a demon,’ so I beat her to death.” You see, this is a serious psychosis. The CCP senior officials are too talented! They create a historical miracle with these guys. It is unprecedented!

After bursting into laughter, we’ll get to the point. In the public trial, these suspects’ statements were incoherent, disjointed, and self-contradictory. One moment she says she knows Almighty God,

and the next she is Almighty God; one moment she says they will leave the earth and go to Heaven,

and the next she says her mother is an evil spirit and she will kill her as soon as she meets her, and then she will expose her mother to her face and won’t oppose her by force…. Moreover, their murder is an extreme behavior completely driven by hallucinations when they suffer from mental disorder. I believe that all the audiences and all the personnel participating in case handling can find from their statements that they don’t have normal thinking and are real psychopaths, which is a fact known to all. Ironically, the CCP’s law enforcement officials make such a big fuss over it to frame the Church of Almighty God. I’d like to ask, “Are psychopaths’ words reliable? Can their statements be taken as evidence? If a psychopath says that he is the chairman of the Communist Party, the president, Zhou Enlai, or Mao Zedong, does anyone believe it? Can anyone regard him as the national chairman or the president?” Unbelievably, the CCP’s law enforcement officials not only believe what a group of psychopaths say, but also take their statements as evidence to crack down on the Church of Almighty God. It sufficiently shows that the CCP’s law enforcement officials are also idiots and lunatics!

In the Church of Almighty God, psychopaths are called the ones possessed by evil spirits. These people are not the objects the Church of Almighty God preaches to. Its principle for preaching the gospel clearly stipulates, “Those who have ever been possessed by evil spirits or who have serious working of the evil spirits absolutely cannot be preached to.” Psychopaths, retarded ones, idiots and the like can’t understand the truth at all and they can do some radical things, so the Church of Almighty God never accepts such people. I believe that the organization of the Communist Party won’t recruit a psychopath, a retarded person, or an idiot as its member and the real court won’t accept and hear a psychopath’s extreme behavior. If a psychopath makes trouble, he will only be kept under control or sent to the mental hospital. We all know that there are so many psychopaths in the streets and they do and say all kinds of things. For example: One moment someone says that he is a provincial governor, and then he says that he is an emperor. One moment someone says that he is Bodhisattva Guan Yin, and the next he says that he is Yue Fei reincarnate. Some even commit murder or arson, and some abuse or beat others…. However, today the CCP actually considers psychopaths’ extreme behavior as a major case and holds a public trial in a big way. Isn’t it absurd to the utmost? What is more puzzling is that the CCP’s top law enforcement officials take their statements as the evidence to convict the Church of Almighty God. What is the problem? It well shows that the CCP’s court and law enforcement officials are neurotic and kind of vicious and have evil genes. It also shows that the CCP in power is completely a group of insane people and a group of evil spirits and the CCP’s court is a psychiatric court! It even more shows that the CCP is conscienceless, spiteful, and ill-intentioned! It deliberately tries to frame and defame the Church of Almighty God and bloodily suppress Christians, so it can do such an immoral and extremely absurd thing.

Furthermore, in the report of News 1+1, the CCP’s mouthpiece brazenly played the word game with the public, changing the statement of the criminal Zhang Fan. In the video of the public trial on the Tencent, Zhang Fan mentioned in her statement, “I think the doctrine of Almighty God I see discords with the cult identified by the state.” However, in the report of News 1+1, it was changed to “Zhang Lidong’s doctrine I see discords with the cult identified by the state.” Here, the CCP’s sinister intention of deliberately framing and discrediting the Church of Almighty God is clearly revealed and its sinful facts of fighting and eradicating the dissidents and deceiving and fooling the people in the world are completely exposed under the sun!

Perhaps someone will ask: Why would this group of psychopaths kill others? Because the CCP manipulated behind the scenes! If we pay a little more attention, we can see that a person in green

moved around on the crime scene all the time. He was so indifferent and calm in the face of Zhang Lidong and others committing murder. He left the scene calmly after the incident. When the police kept the criminals under control and protected the scene for taking evidence, that person in green entered the crime scene with a swagger. The sensible ones will clearly learn that he is the one behind the scenes who manipulates these psychopaths to commit murder! In other words, the CCP not only puts a high-profile trial on a group of psychopaths, but also secretly incites and manipulates those psychopaths! It is completely a premeditated frame-up case which has been directed and acted by the CCP through a group of psychopaths to create revolution opinions in a big way so that it can bloodily suppress the underground churches and slaughter Chinese Christians.

It is known to all that the CCP in power is the most vicious and reactionary underworld gang in the world today. To safeguard its dictatorial rule, it has been fighting and eradicating the dissidents by lies and violence. In particular, it suppresses and sanctions religious belief more fiercely, which has aroused the world’s outrage. Since Almighty God started his end-time work in China, the CCP has never stopped persecuting and suppressing the Church of Almighty God. It fabricates rumors, slanders, and frames up, bloodily suppresses and slaughters Christians of the Church of Almighty God by all kinds of brutal means, and so on, with an attempt to completely break down and abolish the Church of Almighty God. However, its efforts are in vain these years. Not only can it not get any factual evidence to attack and condemn the Church of Almighty God, but instead it watches helplessly the Church of Almighty God becoming more and more flourishing and prosperous. So it lives in constant fear as if Mount Tai fell on its head. What’s more, the Western media report the testimonies of the bloody and tearful experiences of the Christians in the Church of Almighty God being persecuted and brutally mistreated by the CCP. Therefore, it becomes more ferocious. To safeguard its tottering dictatorial rule, it makes its last desperate attempt, using the murder committed by a group of psychopaths to frame and discredit the Church of Almighty God. Therefore, it stages a farce of “publicly trying psychopaths,” which is rare in human history. From it we can see the CCP’s foolishness and absurdity and even more see that it has exhausted its tricks and come to a dead end! “One who committed many injustices is doomed to failure.” The evil CCP, which is full of violence, lies, and evil, will soon withdraw from the stage of history, and this is a fact that all people expect to see.

[Almighty God] [Eastern Lightning] [The Church of Almighty God]

The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus the end-time Christ, Almighty God in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading Gods expression, you will see that God has appeared.


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