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[Almighty God] The Latest Expression of End Time Christ “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve”(16)

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Treating God as God Is the Beginning of Man’s Being Able to Fear God

Just now someone asked a question: Why is it that we have more knowledge of God than Job but we do not fear God? We have mentioned a bit about it earlier, right? Actually we have also talked about the substance of this problem. At that time though Job did not know God, he treated God as God and as the Ruler of the heavens and the earth and all things. He did not treat God as an enemy but worshiped him as the Creator. Why do people of today resist God so much? Why can’t they fear God? One of the reasons is that people of today have been so deeply corrupted by satan that their satanic nature has been deeply ingrained and they have become God’s enemies. So, though they believe in God and acknowledge God, they still can resist God and oppose God. This is determined by their nature. The second reason is that although people believe in God, they do not at all treat God as God, but treat God as their opposite and as their enemy, being irreconcilable with God. The reasons are just so simple. Haven’t these been mentioned a bit in our foregoing fellowship? You may ponder over them and see if they are the reasons for it. Though you have some knowledge of God, what is that knowledge of yours? Isn’t it what everyone generally talks about? Isn’t it what God tells you? You only know the theories and doctrines concerning this aspect, but have you tasted the real aspect of God? Do you have your own knowledge of it? Do you have a practical knowledge and understanding of it? If God did not tell you, could you know it? You know the theories concerning it, but that does not mean that you have a true knowledge of it. In a word, no matter how you know it and how much you know it, before you have a true knowledge of God, God is your enemy, and before you can treat God as God, God still stands on the opposite side of you, because you are the embodiment of satan.

When you are with Christ, you may be able to take care of his daily meals, serve him tea or water, and take care of his life, treating Christ as God seemingly. When something happens, man’s viewpoint is always contrary to God’s, and God’s viewpoint always cannot be understood or accepted by man. Although man can live in harmony with him outwardly, it does not mean that man is compatible with him. Once something happens, man’s true self of disobedience comes out. This proves that man is hostile to God. This hostility is not because God stands against man, or God intends to be hostile to man, or God places man in opposition to himself, but because in man’s subjective will and in man’s subconscious there is such substance that stands against God. Man takes whatever is from God as the object of his study, so to what comes from God or what relates to God, his first reaction is guess and suspicion, then he will immediately take an antagonistic attitude and stand against God, and right after that, he will “argue” or compete with God in a negative mood, and will even suspect whether such a God is worthy of his following. Even though his reason tells him that he should not do so, he will still make such a choice in spite of himself and will even hold it to the end without turning back. For example: When some people heard some rumors or slanders about God, what was their first reaction? Their first reaction was: I do not know whether the rumor is true or false, whether the thing exists or not; I should quietly observe how things go. Then they pondered: I have no way to verify this thing. Does this thing really exist? Is the rumor actually true? Though they did not show anything outwardly, they already began to doubt and already began to deny God in their hearts. What is the substance of such an attitude and viewpoint of theirs? Isn’t it betrayal? Before they encountered this thing, you could not see their viewpoint, and it seemed that they did not have any resistance against God, nor did they treat God as their enemy. But, when they encountered this thing, they immediately stood on satan’s side to oppose God. What does this fact show? It shows that man is in opposition to God! It is not that God treats man as his enemy but that man’s substance in itself is hostile to God. No matter how long man has followed God or how much he has expended, no matter how man has praised God or how he has restrained himself from resisting God or even required himself to love God, man just cannot treat God as God. Isn’t this determined by man’s substance? If you treated him as God and you truly regarded him as God, could you have any doubt about him? Could you have any question mark against him in your heart? No, right? The current of this world is so evil and this mankind is so evil, but why do you have no notions about them? You yourselves are so corrupt, but why do you have no notions about yourselves? Just a few rumors and slanders have caused you to have so great notions and so many critical views about God. It shows how small your stature is! Simply a few mosquitoes and a few foul flies humming, you have been deceived by it? What kind of people are these? Do you know what God thinks of such people? God’s attitude toward such people is very clear actually, only he adopts a cold treatment—a disregarding attitude—toward them, and he is not serious with these ignorant people. Why? Because in his heart he has never intended to gain this portion of people who pledge to act against him to the end even at the cost of death and who never have an intention of seeking the way to be compatible with him. When I say this, maybe it hurts some people again. Do you want me to always hurt you like this? Whether you want or not, what I say are facts! As I always hurt you like this, always touching you on the raw, will it affect the image of the lofty god in your heart? (No.) I also don’t think it will! This is because there is no God in your heart at all. The lofty god in your heart that you defend and protect to the utmost is not God at all, but something imaginary, which never exists. So, I’d better disclose this mystery. Then won’t “the whole truth come out”? The true God is not produced by man’s imagination. I hope you all can face up to reality. Only doing so is beneficial to your knowing God.

[Almighty God] [Eastern Lightning] [The Church of Almighty God]

The Church of Almighty God  came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, Almighty God—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.



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