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[Almighty God] The Latest Expression of End Time Christ”How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve”(15)

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Man’s Attitude Toward God Decides His Destiny

God is a living God. When encountering things, men have different manifestations. Toward their different manifestations God has different attitudes, because he is not a puppet or air. God’s attitudes are worthy for man to know, and man should learn to know God’s disposition and understand God’s heart little by little through knowing God’s attitudes. When you understand God’s heart little by little, you will not feel it very difficult to fear God and shun evil. And when you understand God, you will not easily circumscribe God. When you no longer circumscribe God, you will not easily offend God. And without your knowing it, God will guide you to have knowledge of God, so that you will have fear of God in your heart, and you will no longer impose on God the letters, doctrines, or theories you have grasped, but seek God’s will at any time and in any thing. Thus, you will become a man after God’s heart without knowing it.

Although man cannot see or touch the work God does, yet for God’s part, God not only can perceive but also can see everyone’s deeds and everyone’s attitude toward God. This is what everyone should be clear about and should know in his heart. If you always think to yourself, “Does God know I am here doing this? Does God know I am thinking in that way? He may know, and again he may not,” if on the one hand you believe in God and follow God with such a viewpoint, and on the other hand you doubt God’s work and God’s existence like this, then you will infuriate God sooner or later, because you are already on the brink of danger. I see that some people, though having believed in God so many years, have not gained the reality of the truth, much less understood God’s will, and they do not have any growth in their stature in life but only hold on to the few doctrines that cannot be more superficial. The reason for this is that they have never accepted the words of God’s mouth as life and never faced up to or accepted the existence of God. So, seeing such people, could God have enjoyment? Could God feel comforted in his heart? Therefore, the way of man’s believing decides his destiny. How man pursues and how man treats God, man’s attitude is of the first importance. Do not put God out of your mind and treat him as air, but always remember that the God you believe in is a living God who is real and practical. It is not that he stays in the third heaven with nothing to do, but that he searches the heart of every one of you, searches the conduct of every one of you and your every word and deed, and searches your manifestations and your attitude toward God at all times. No matter whether you are willing to commit yourself to God, all your deeds and your mind and thoughts are before God, being searched by God. God will constantly vary his opinion of you and his attitude toward you according to your behavior, your conduct, and your attitude. However, I want to advise some people: Do not always regard yourselves as little babies in God’s hands as if God favors you very much, as if God cannot do without you, and as if God’s attitude toward you is ever unchanging. Don’t dream! God is righteous toward everyone. He comes to do the conquering and saving work on man seriously. This is his management. He takes a serious attitude toward everyone instead of treating man as his pet and entertaining him for fun. God’s love for man is not to pamper man or to cosset man; his mercy and tolerance for man is not to be indulgent with man or give free rein to man. On the contrary, God’s love for man is loving care, is compassion and cherishment, and is the respect for life; his mercy and tolerance for man carries his expectation for man; his mercy and tolerance is the capital for mankind’s existence. God is living and God exists practically. His attitude toward man is based on principles and is by no means a regulation, and it can change. His will for mankind has been gradually altering and changing with time, with environment, and with each one’s attitude. So in your heart you should clearly and definitely know that God’s substance is ever unchanging but God’s disposition will be expressed at different times and in different situations. Maybe you do not regard this thing as very serious, and you imagine according to your notion that God should do it this way. However, in certain things he does just the opposite. When you measure God by your notion, you infuriate God already, because God will by no means do as you imagine or treat this thing as you say. So I still warn you to be careful and cautious in treating everything around you and learn to practice in everything according to the principle of walking in God’s ways—fearing God and shunning evil. In dealing with a thing concerning God’s will or God’s attitude, you must make certain of it, must fellowship with someone who understands it, and must seek seriously. Do not treat the God you believe in as a puppet—passing judgment on him at will, drawing conclusions about him at will, or treating him with disdain. During the course of God’s saving you and deciding your outcome, no matter whether he shows mercy and tolerance to you or judges and chastises you, his attitude toward you is not unchanging but depends on your attitude toward him and your knowledge of him. You should not circumscribe God as that forever because you have the knowledge or understanding of God in a certain aspect. Do not believe in a dead god, but believe in the living God. Remember it? Although some words I say are true facts and are also what you need, yet because of your present state and present stature, I do not want to make higher requirements lest your enthusiasm be dampened and you feel too desolate in your heart and feel too disappointed with God, but hope that you can walk the way ahead with a heart of loving God and a respectful attitude toward God. Do not treat the matter of believing in God casually, but treat it as the biggest thing. Lay it on your heart, link it to reality, and link it with the real life instead of just having it on your lips. This is because it is a vital thing, a thing that decides your destiny. Do not treat it as a joke or as a trifling matter! After I have spoken these words to you today, have you understood and gained anything in your heart? Do you have any questions about these words I have said?

These topics are a bit new, and there is some distance between them and your viewpoints as well as what you usually pursue and pay attention to, but I think that after you fellowship for some time, you will have a common recognition of these words I have said. Since these topics are quite new and are what you have never thought about, I hope that these words have not added any burden to you. My purpose in saying them today is not to frighten you or to deal with you by this means, but to let you know the real facts. As there is a distance between God and man after all, though man believes in God, he never understands God or knows God’s attitude, and he is not so zealous in caring about God’s attitude, but he simply believes like that and walks like that, muddling on in the matter of knowing and understanding God. So I feel it very necessary to make certain things clear to you so that you will know what kind of God the God you believe in is, what he is thinking in his heart, what attitudes he has toward various kinds of people, and how far your doing so is from his requirement and how far it is below the standard required by him. The purpose of making you know these is so that you each will have a measuring scale in your heart and know on this path what you have gained, how many things you have not gained, and what fields you have not set foot in at all. At ordinary times when you fellowship together, you only talk about some topics people often speak about, which are very narrow in scope and very shallow in content. This is at a distance from and falls short of God’s will and God’s required scope and standard of man. If you go on like this, you will surely go further and further away from God’s ways. You just take these present words of God as the object of worship and as rituals and regulations; that is all! Actually God has no place in your heart at all, and God has never gained your heart. Some people think that it is very difficult to know God. This is also true. It is indeed somewhat difficult! If people are required to do things outwardly in performing duty or to do physical work, they all will feel it very easy to believe in God, because all these are things within mankind’s ability. However, when the realm of God’s will and God’s attitude toward man is involved, it is indeed rather difficult for everyone. As it involves the matter of understanding the truth and entering into reality, of course it is rather difficult. However, when you touch the entrance and begin to enter into it, it will gradually become less and less difficult.

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The Church of Almighty God  came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, Almighty God—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.



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