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The Church of Almighty God| Where God’s footsteps are, there are God’s deeds.

Meaning of Life | Chinese Choir Episode 10 | Music Concert

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God’s work never ceases, like the sun and the moon alternating. He carries on His management in a planned and step-by-step way–He has become flesh on earth and carried out His new work to save mankind. However, man does not perceive it in the slightest, still going on with his own pursuit….It seems that this ordinary person with divinity does not feel man’s rejection of Him. He never explains anything to man, just silently doing the work He intends to do. He expresses the voice of His heart and cares for the mankind with love He Himself created. He thoroughly expresses God’s disposition and all that God has and is. He discloses the mysteries God never made known from the creation until today. He judges the corruption and rebellion of all mankind. He supplies the need of man’s life, causing him to see the way to be saved and perfected…. This is the voice of the Creator! This person is the Lord Jesus returning on the cloud! He lets mankind truly see the figure of the Creator, sense the love and salvation of the Creator, and return to the Creator….Are you longing earnestly for the return of the Lord Jesus? Are you awaiting to meet with Him? The Church of Almighty God has released the tenth episode of chorus. The heavenly, soul-stirring music will bring you to the Lord….

How to Search for God’s Footsteps

1. Since we want to search for God’s footsteps, we have to search for God’s will, search for God’s word, and search for God’s utterance. This is because where there is God’s new word there is God’s voice, where there are God’s footsteps there are God’s, there are God’s deeds, where there is God’s expression there is God’s appearing, and where there is God’s appearing there exists, exists the truth, the way, and the life, the life.

2. When you search for God’s footsteps, you all neglect this word, “God is the truth, the way, and the life.” So, although many people have received the truth, they do not think that they have found God’s footsteps, much less acknowledge that it is God’s appearing. What a serious, serious mistake this is! God’s appearing cannot possibly fit man’s notions, much less can he possibly appear according to man’s requirements. In doing the work, God has his own choice, and his own plan, and even more has his own goal and his own way. Whatever work God does, he does not need to consult with man or ask for man’s suggestions, much less inform anyone of it. This is God’s disposition, this is God’s disposition and even more is what everyone should know.

3. If you want to see God’s appearing and want to follow God’s footsteps, you should first come out of your notions, come out of your notions, and do not demand that God work this way or that way, much less restrict God to your scope or to your notions. Rather, you should require yourselves as to how you should seek God’s footsteps, how you should accept God’s appearing, and how you should obey God’s new work. This is, this is what man should do. Because no man is the truth and no man has the truth, what man should do is to seek, seek, accept, and obey, because no man is the truth and no man has the truth, what man should do is to seek, accept, and obey.

from “The Appearance of God Has Brought a New Age” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

No One Was Aware of God’s Coming

1. No one was aware of God’s coming, and no one welcomed God’s coming; much less did anyone know what God was going to do, anyone know what God was going to do. Man lived his life as usual, a usual heart and usual days. God lived among us like an ordinary person, as the least of the followers, a common believer. He had his own pursuit, had his own goal, and even more had divinity that an ordinary man did not have. No one noticed the existence of his divinity, and no one perceived the difference between his substance and man’s.

2. We lived with him, without any restraint or fear, because in our eyes he was only a small believer. Our every act and move was in his eyes, and our thoughts and ideas were thoroughly exposed before him. No one had an interest in God’s existence, and no one had any imagination about the function he performed; much less did anyone have any doubt about his identity. We just continued our pursuit, seeming to have nothing to do with God….

from “Seeing God’s Appearing in God’s Judgment and Chastisement” in The Word Appears in the Flesh


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