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The Church of Almighty God| Where God’s footsteps are, there are God’s deeds.


The Church of Almighty God | Three Admonitions

  As a believer of God, you should be loyal to none other than Him in all things and align with His heart in all things. However, though all understand this doctrine, these most apparent and basic of truths to man cannot fully be seen to be embodied in them, due to their difficulties, such as their ignorance, absurdity, or corruption. Therefore, before your end is determined, I ought to first tell you some things, which are of utmost importance to you. Before I continue, you should first understand this: The words I speak are truths directed to all mankind, not only for a specific person or type of person. Therefore, focus solely on receiving My words from the standpoint of truth, and retain an attitude of concentration and sincerity. Do not ignore a single word or truth that I speak, and do not regard My words with disdain. In your lives I see much that you do that is irrelevant to truth, therefore I am expressly asking you to become servants of truth and not be enslaved by wickedness and ugliness. Do not tread on the truth and defile any corner of the house of God. This is My admonition to you. Now I will begin to speak about the topic at hand: Continue reading



The Church of Almighty God | The Hymn of God’s Word “The Seven Thunders Roll”

The seven thunders roll, shaking up the world, rending through the sky, changing heaven and earth. Piercing is the sound. Where can man run and hide? Heaven and earth are changed by thunder and lightning. Man lies dying. A fierce storm rolls in across the universe, fast as thunderbolt; heavy rain pours in. Each corner of the earth is bathed in this storm and nothing impure remains, oh, oh. The whole world is washed and nothing unclean stands. Who can hide from the stormy rain? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. When destruction comes, all enemies will fall, defeated helpless into the raging torrent. They’re swiftly taken to their deserved end, defeated hopeless, rushed away to their death.

The seven thunders roll. God‘s purposes are clear. Evil will be punished with gusts of weeping. Some wake from their dreams, ponder their wicked schemes, only to hurry back to the foot of God’s throne. They don’t hesitate, hurry to God’s throne. They do not indulge in their deceit and crime, but repent just in time. God is righteous and God is loving and God is merciful, oh, oh, God is trustworthy, He’s God of majesty. Someday the earth will see, oh, oh, God is a burning fire. God is a burning fire. He will show no mercy, when judgment is in His path. From His royal throne God gazes down, searching deeply into hearts and minds, saving all those who seek after Him, sincerely seek after Him. Whoever loves God above other things, knows God’s heart with understanding, follows Him all the way to the end, God will save him eternally. Continue reading