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The Church of Almighty God| Where God’s footsteps are, there are God’s deeds.

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The Church of Almighty God | IX The Classic Words of God Concerning How to Attain Salvation and Perfection

The Church of Almighty God | IX The Classic Words of God Concerning How to Attain Salvation and Perfection

  625 In this stage of work, we are required to have great faith and great love. Being slightly careless, we will stumble, for this stage of work is different from any stage before, What God perfects is man’s faith, which can neither be seen nor be touched. What God does is that the word becomes faith, the word becomes love, and the word becomes life. Man has to go through all kinds of refinements and has the faith greater than Job’s. It requires everyone to endure great sufferings and suffer all kinds of torments, and no matter when, they will not leave God. Only when they all can obey unto death and have great faith in God will this stage of work end. Continue reading


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The Church of Almighty God | Almighty God’s Word “Concerning Appellations and Identity” (Part One)

The Church of Almighty God | Almighty God‘s Word “Concerning Appellations and Identity” (Part One)

Almighty God says, “Jesus represented the Spirit of God, and was the Spirit of God working directly. He did the work of the new age, the work that no one had done before. He opened up a new way, He represented Jehovah, and He represented God Himself. Whereas with Peter, Paul, and David, regardless of what they were called, they only represented the identity of a creature of God, or were sent by Jesus or Jehovah. So no matter how much work they did, no matter how great the miracles they performed, they were still just creatures of God, and incapable of representing the Spirit of God. They worked in the name of God or after being sent by God; furthermore, they worked in the ages begun by Jesus or Jehovah, and the work they did was not separate. They were, after all, merely creatures of God.” Continue reading