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The Church of Almighty God| Where God’s footsteps are, there are God’s deeds.

Christian Song | The Heart of God Is Good | “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”

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Impression after watching:

People in the age of Noah were evil and fallen. They rebelled against God and offended God’s disposition. Finally, only Noah’s family repented and gained God’s salvation. In the present age, the depravity of humanity has reached its peak. What man thought of every day was all evil. But in the last days, God expresses the truth to judge man. From the time God planned to save man to the time God will start destroying the world, how do we do to repent in order to be saved? Please listen to the hymn  “God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live”

When humanity was filled with filth, disobeyed to an extent,
God had to destroy them due to His principles and essence.
God despised man, for they opposed Him.
But when He destroyed them,
His heart was still unchanged, His mercy still remained.

God pitied mankind, wanting to redeem in various ways.
But refusing God’s salvation, man continued to disobey.
No matter how God called and warned, how He supplied and helped,
man did not understand, man did not appreciate.

So God gave His great tolerance, waiting in pain for man to turn around.
Reaching His limit, He did what He had to do.
From the moment God planned to destroy to the moment He started His plan,
it was a period for man to turn around.
This was the last chance that God gave to man.
This was the last chance, this was the last chance that God gave to man.
from The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Eastern Lightning—The Light of Salvation
The brief introduction of the Church of Almighty God

Thanks and Praise to Almighty God



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