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Condemnation of CCP’s Torture and Protection of Chinese Religious Refugees, HRWF Calls

In 2019, the CCP’s persecution of religion and faith in Mainland China has reached a peak. But it shamelessly claims that religious freedom exists in China. Ms. Lea Perekrests, deputy director of Human Rights Without Frontiers, spoke at the conference “The Long Arm of the Dragon: China’s Persecution of Believers at Home and Abroad” held in Seoul, South Korea on June 20, denouncing the CCP’s brutal suppression of The Church of Almighty God, Uyghurs and Falun Gong. She also called the world to grant protection to the Chinese religious refugees who have fled overseas.

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God’s Utterance “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II” (Part Four) (2)

God’s words in this video are from The Word Appears in the Flesh.
The content of this video:
People’s Many Misunderstandings About Job
Job Curses the Day of His Birth Because He Does Not Want God to Be Pained by Him
Job Defeats Satan and Becomes a True Man in the Eyes of God

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God Is in Control of Man’s Life and Death

By Xinlan

Editor’s Note:

  Many people doubt whether God is in control of man’s life and death. Read this Christian’s perception of life and know God’s sovereignty from her husband’s experience of recovering from illness.

  “Ring ring….” The hasty sound of the telephone spoiled the tranquility of my room, and the telephone message made my heart in turmoil. What was to come gave me a deep understanding that God has the final say on the life and death of man.

  It was gone 5 a.m. on the morning of September 7, 2014, when my sister suddenly called and said, “Sister! Your husband is very sick now, he has been admitted to the hospital at one in the morning.” I didn’t believe her words and said, “He was totally fine when he phoned me just at eight last night. How is it possible that he got sick so suddenly?” My sister replied, “Just before he could finish the phone call last night, he was struck by the illness. It was his boss and workmates that rushed him to the hospital.” At her words, I recalled when my husband asked me to go to him over the phone but was refused by me, he didn’t say anything further. I had thought that he was angry at me, and it turned out that … Continue reading

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2019 Gospel Movie Trailer | “Faith in God 2 – After the Church Falls”

Yu Congguang is an evangelist who makes a dangerous escape from a CCP mass arrest. Afterward, he makes his way to the home of Three-Self Patriotic Movement Christian Chen Song’en. Chen Song’en’s Three-Self Patriotic Movement church is demolished by the CCP, and some in the church, after listening to the teachings of their pastors and elders, pray for the CCP regime, believing that by doing so, they are keeping the words of the Lord Jesus, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). However, many believers are confused, because despite the fact that they prayed for blessings for the CCP for so many years, the CCP not only failed to repent, but even demolished their church. They wonder: Does praying for the CCP actually accord with God’s will? The congregation argues about the question but can’t reach a conclusion. Later, through reading God’s words and the fellowship of Yu Congguang and his associate, Chen Song’en and the others learn the true meaning of the Lord Jesus’ teaching to “love your enemies.” They also gain discernment of the CCP’s satanic essence, which is to resist God and loathe the truth, and clearly see the dangerous consequences of following the pastors and elders down the Three-Self path and relying on the protection of a satanic ruling power …

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2019 English Christian Hymn | “God Incarnate Does the Most Crucial Work of Saving Man”

2019 Christian Worship Song | “God Incarnate Does the Most Crucial Work of Saving Man”

The work done by God incarnate is the greatest of God’s work.
The work done by God incarnate, most profound of all God’s work.
Of the three stages of God’s work, the most crucial are these two,
these two stages of the work, the work of God incarnate.
The most crucial part of the work of God is done in the flesh.
The salvation of every man by God must be done in the flesh.
Though man feels God in flesh is unrelated,
yet in fact this flesh concerns the fate and existence of all mankind,
as He does the most crucial work. Continue reading

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Does Being Saved Mean We Are Able to Enter the Heavenly Kingdom?

By Chenwen, South Korea

Seeking Hard While Living Sinfully

  In the fall of 1987 I accepted the Lord Jesus’ grace. At the time, I was totally willing to expend myself for the Lord and looked forward to the day the Lord would return and take me up to heaven. In the blink of an eye, a dozen or so years passed and I’d discovered that my church was becoming more and more desolate, and that wrongdoings were becoming more common. The pastor’s sermons were always the same old stuff, and I felt I was tightly bound by my sins. I couldn’t follow the Lord’s teachings, and I started to doubt that my faith was really capable of gaining me salvation and whether I would be taken to the kingdom of heaven when the Lord returned. So I asked the pastor about this and he found a passage in the Bible to encourage me. He said: “‘For with the heart man believes to righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made to salvation’ (Romans 10:10), which means when the Lord comes we’ll surely be taken to heaven.” But I couldn’t help remembering another passage in the Bible, “Be you holy; for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16), and so I remained bemused and often suffered because I felt I was living sinfully. Continue reading

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Films Produced by The Church of Almighty God Nominated for Multiple Awards at 2019 ICFF

The International Christian Film and Music Festival, now in its 7th edition, is currently one of the largest, most influential Christian film festivals, primarily showing faith-related and family films as well as documentaries and is one of very few film festivals that provides the opportunity for a screening at Cannes. Out of nearly 1,000 other excellent films from across the world, 42 documentaries received nominations. The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything was nominated for Best Documentary, Most Creative Documentary, and Most Inspirational Documentary.

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