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The Parable of the Lost Sheep Contains Profound Meaning

By Xiaoqing

Editor’s Note: I trust everyone’s familiar with the parable of the lost sheep in the Bible. The Lord Jesus used this parable to very vividly tell us about God’s love for mankind and to allow us to feel how sincere God’s desire to save mankind is. But does everyone know what God’s will behind this parable is? At a Bible study there were a few brothers and sisters who finally understood this through fellowship—let’s take a look together. Continue reading


Discernment: Who Are the Pharisees Today?

By Fangxia, Brazil

Pastors Were the People I Respected Most

“Hey, Sister Fang, a pastor from outside the town is here to preach to us, are you coming to hear it?”

“Of course I’m coming. I always go when pastors come to preach.”

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I Now Know How to Get Rid of Sin

By Yu’en, South Korea

I trust every devout Christian is confused about the following: We pray to the Lord, and confess sins and repent every day, but why are we never able to escape the bondage of sin? As we all know, the Lord is holy, so are we, who often sin and resist Him, qualified to enter God’s kingdom? How can we shake off the shackles of sin? I always used to be perplexed by this too, but through seeking, I finally found the way to escape sin.

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2 Stories Help You Hold Onto Faith in God in Difficulties

By Xiaoxin

In our real life, when misfortunes in the family, difficulties in the work, the illnesses of the body, or various dangers and pains befall us, often times we don’t know how to face them and are always anxious and panicky, so that we neither see God’s deeds nor gain God’s guidance. This gives us food for thought: As Christians, how should we experience crises?

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Meaning of Revelation 22:18 About Not Adding Things to the Prophecies

By Li Qing

Editor’s note: We all know the passage in the Book of Revelation about not adding things to the prophecies, and many of us therefore believe that if there are people preaching that the Lord has returned to perform new work and utter new words, that would be adding something to the Bible. As a result, even when they hear the news about the Lord’s return, they do not seek or investigate it. But is this understanding really in line with the Lord’s will?

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When Facing God’s Trials, How Shall We Approach Them?

By Huixin

Description: In the course of our believing in God, we will all encounter some trials, both big and small. Often times, however, we will be thrown into a panic or blame and misunderstand God, and thus live in torment. Then how shall we treat these trials in accordance with God’s wishes when faced with them?

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Why God allowed Bad Things to Happen

By Albee, Philippines

Description: Not long after he accepted God’s work, Albee encountered a series of unfavorable things, and he felt very distressed and developed complaints about God. Later through William’s fellowship, he came to understand God’s will and emerged from his pain. Continue reading