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One Will Return From Whence They Came

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Throughout the ages, all people have followed the same laws of existence; from their first words to when their hair turns grey, they spend their whole lives rushing about, until they finally turn to dust …

My understanding:

Seeing the poster, I sink into thinking: Only short decades from man’s birth to death, man will go through young age, middle age, old age, and finally return to the dust. Indeed, from ancient times to the present, people all live in the unchangeable rule of survival. I think only The One Who Holds Sovereignty over Everything knows the mystery within. Hope the video will be released soon and lead us to explore the mysterious of life.


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Why Do We Live? And Why Do We Have to Die?

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God says: “Those who die take with them the stories of the living, and those who are living repeat the same tragic history of those who have died.”

My impression:

A friend asked me why do we humans live and why do we die? I don’t know how to answer. On my way back home at dusk, I felt so tired. Looking at the people passing in haste, I remembered my friend’s question and felt lost: what do we live fore? Where will we go after death? Who can explain this question? We humans live in this way generation after generation…
I saw this poster of this documentary this evening and I feel excited: Isn’t this the question I’ve been pondering? Is this that the documentary will tell me the answer? I’m looking forward to its screening. I’ll tell my friend and we shouldn’t miss this chance. Friends who have the same confusion as we, do you also look forward to it?


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