The BBC Has Lost Its Former Aura of an Impartial Media

Why the CCP Crazily Suppresses and Cruelly Persecutes the Church of Almighty God

The BBC Acts as the Vanguard of the CCP’s Suppressing the Underground Churches

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God”—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.

The Future of the Media Magnate BBC Is Worrying

by Xiao Xiao

(from Guangdong Province, China)

On August 14, the BBC Chinese website published an on-spot report entitled The Chinese Cult that Kills “Demons.” The article tacitly agrees that “the murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, China” is related to the “Church of Almighty God,” but also adds a tragedy of the family of a “victim,” Mr. Wang, implying that the Church of Almighty God is a cult that stops at no evil. This is undoubtedly the best assistance and support to the CCP government’s deed of cracking down on the underground churches.

As we all know, since April the CCP has launched a political campaign of cracking down on the “cults” in Mainland China. They not only unilaterally fix a list of twenty “cults,” but also high-handedly suppress the religious people in Xinjiang and other places. And they even demolish the churches and crosses in places such as Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, arrest the ministers, seal off and expel the house churches, hunt and persecute the Christians….

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The BBC Has Actually Become the CCP’s Mouthpiece

As for the magnate of the media all over the world, the BBC fully deserves its title. As for the BBC, its integrity, boldness, and impartiality are rare in the world.

Recently, comments are flying around in the media circle. It is said that the old and mature BBC is just like a mad youngster seeking love and someone must have stolen away the heart of this media tycoon. Then, who is so “charming” that he can not only “steal” away the BBC’s heart but also make it debase itself and do its utmost to please him? What has the BBC done to cause such a stir?

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Why Has the Famous Media BBC Become the CCP’s Spokesman?

by Mo Ran

(from China)

Since the establishment of the BBC, it has received the favorable comment of people from various countries and the respect of other media with its aim of fearing no power, not being driven by profits, respecting human rights, safeguarding justice, and reporting the true fact objectively. However, on August 14, 2014, an article entitled A Report on the Spot: The Chinese Cult that Kills “Demons” on the BBC Chinese website, which was written by Carrie, the BBC China editor, greatly surprised me. I never expected that the BBC would speak for the CCP and conduct propaganda and crack down on religious belief for the CCP. What makes the BBC become the CCP’s propaganda tool and its mouthpiece and spokesman?

Any of the sensible and conscientious Chinese people has seen clearly that “Zhaoyuan Incident in Shandong Province” is the scheme plotted by the evil CCP to crack down on the Church of Almighty God and that its inferior tactic which is full of loopholes has become a laughingstock among millions of netizens. The evil CCP has committed all kinds of conscienceless evil deeds and is rejected and hated by people all over the world. This evil party has afflicted and tormented Chinese people for more than sixty years, and even more it tries every possible way to persecute Almighty God, who is incarnated to carry out the end-time work in China. However, God’s wisdom is based on satan’s schemes, and God has made a group of people in China. Now when God’s gospel is spreading to the West, the evil CCP attempts to use the influence of the western first-class media to defame the Church of Almighty God through the distorted report and hinder the spreading of God’s kingdom gospel. Unexpectedly, the BBC, a famous media with high popularity worldwide, actually beats the drum for the evil CCP, frames and persecutes the underground churches, and acts as its mouthpiece! As everyone knows, the Communist Party has long become utterly notorious in the whole world and has to step off the stage of history. Would the BBC support the evil CCP which is about to collapse even at the cost of being spurned by all people in the world?

Before publishing this report, why didn’t Carrie contact the Church of Almighty God based on professional ethnics of being serious and responsible and investigating the true fact, but blindly believed the one-sided statement of an evil party that has no credibility at all and is spurned by all Chinese people and even the world? Why did she arbitrarily slander the Church of Almighty God? Carrie’s rash action has violated the BBC’s values of being impartial, honest, and accurate and finding out the true fact. People cannot but ask: Is the BBC a media or a ruling party? It is worth thinking that this report was published after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang had visited Britain with “a big gift package” worth 14 billion pounds. It seems no accident.

However, I still want to ask the BBC: Don’t you fear that one day you will feel ashamed to face the public when the truth is brought to light? Do you sell out conscience and abandon the universal values temporarily driven by economic interests? Or do you stand on the side of the evil CCP temporarily under government pressure? Can you still report the truth of the fact according to the principles of impartiality and objectivity and accuracy and stop misleading the whole world?

The BBC Has Lost Its Former Aura of an “Impartial” Media —a letter to the BBC China editor Carrie

by Chen Zhen from China

Hello, Ms. Carrie. I’m a faithful reader of the BBC Chinese website and also an ordinary Christian of the Church of Almighty God. After I read your article A Report on the Spot: The Chinese Cult that Kills “Demons” (August 14) and watched a short video in which you personally did an interview, The Murder in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province and the Cult (August 15), I felt awfully sorry and disappointed and was unspeakably sorrowful and indignant.

In my heart, the BBC is the most long-standing and most respected media in the world, which has been upholding the values of being true, accurate, fair, impartial, and independent in the last hundred years. From the BBC’s report on “6/4 Incident” of China which shocked the world and its report on Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, I saw that the BBC reporters, at the risk of their lives, broke through the CCP’s blockades, entered into the scene of the news to interview, gained the first-hand materials, and made reports that were objective, impartial, independent, and fact-based. They earned the respect of hundreds of millions of people. I felt that the BBC held fast to justice and safeguarded human rights and dignity and that such a media was worthy of respect. From the BBC’s “editorial values,” I ever saw that “trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest,” and “we seek to establish the truth of what has happened and are committed to achieving due accuracy in all our output.” That made me see the demeanor of the media most respected by the whole world. However, Ms. Carrie’s report on the case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province and the Church of Almighty God is out of normal character, which is very puzzling.

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Exposed! The BBC Ethics Scandal

News should reflect the true picture of an incident. Thus it is of the utmost importance to report the news with honesty, fairness, and impartiality. How the BBC reports it directly affects how people understand and view the events. If the BBC does not uphold impartiality and fairness it will mislead the public and even defame or slander an innocent party. Unfortunately, this is what the BBC has done.

Upon seeing the May 28, 2014 report condemning the Church of Almighty God and its members as the perpetrators and also the report previously published on August 13, 2014 again reinforcing the implication that the Church of Almighty God is responsible and even trains the members of the Church to instigate such actions from the Zhaoyuan case or in destroying families. However, in the report, there was no investigation other than taking the word of the Communist Party, and the outcome is that the BBC has reported what was told to them by a brutal, inhuman regime in China, that is represented by the CCP, acting as the mouthpiece of a political party that is more devilish than the Nazi Party and which symbols and even membership is banned in many areas of the world because wherever the CCP goes, people will suffer numerous disasters. The BBC must know that. So why would it support the CCP? Does it mean that the BBC now stands for “Better Believe Communism”? Continue reading “Exposed! The BBC Ethics Scandal”

Why Does the Well-known BBC Become the CCP’s Accomplice?

by Huang Xia

(from Hong Kong, China)

For many years, in the hearts of the people of all countries, the BBC, for taking not fearing power, upholding impartiality, reporting the truth of the fact objectively, respecting religious belief, and so on, as its aim, is judged one of the media most respected worldwide. But on August 14, 2014, a report in the BBC Chinese website greatly disappoints many net friends who deeply trust the BBC. Particularly, some parts in this article that are not objective make the sensible net friends begin to red light the trust towards the BBC.

As the Christians of the Church of Almighty God, we are shocked by this report of the BBC even more greatly. Next let’s look at the problems in this report together.

I. The title of this article is “A Report on the Spot: The Chinese Cult that Kills ‘Demons.’” Before writing this article, has the author Carrie really made an on-the-spot investigation in the Church of Almighty God? If not, how much can this article be trusted? We believers in God mainly strive to have our life disposition transformed through reading Almighty God’s word and understanding the truth. God requires us to have conscience and sense in our living out, to be forbearing, patient, and tolerant, and so on, and in the end to live out the likeness of a real man. Whether others are “demons” or not is not the subject of our life entering in and it has nothing to do with us. So, with us there is not such an absurd saying of “killing demons.” But the two men mentioned in the article both say that

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